What are these?

These are services that are not run by Project Vida, but can help those whom we serve.

Federal Health Insurance

Illinois ABE System for food stamps and Medicaid

Illinois AIDS Drug Assistance Program is an online portal to register for government-sponsored health insurance covered under the Affordable Care Act.

ABE is a web portal to help people apply for healthcare, food assistance, cash assistance, and Medicare Savings programs with the State of Illinois.

The Illinois AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) is a Department of Public Health resource helping people access AIDS and HIV medication.


Greater Chicago Food Depository


Little Village Mental Health Collaborative

The Chicago Food Depository is a nonprofit food distribution and training center that provides food for hungry people while striving to end hunger.


The Little Village Health Collaborative is part of Roots to Wellness, a mental health group formed in 2010 when mental health providers in the community realized they could be more effective if they worked together. Includes several community health organizations with a focus on improving general mental health.